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The patented Speed Pac is the first aerodynamic hard body, no sweat back pack that doubles as a highly styled tank tog and tail bag on most motorcycles, This is truly a break-through pack / tank bag that matches the sleek aesthetics of motorcycles with the look of carbon fiber and glossy paint.

The aerodynamic Speed Pac looks fast and cool, and can actually reduce drag and turbulence while riding at speed, especially in a tuck position. It was designed for all types of speed sports including motorcycle riding, bicycling, snow sports, roller-blading, and skate-boarding.

The rigid, high-tech blow-molded, high-impact ABS plastic Speed Pac is elevated off the wearer's back on ergonomically placed foam pads which direct cooling air flow over the back of the wearer. No more wet sweaty back. A rubber gasket in the lid seals against a raised lip around the opening making Speed Pac water resistant.

The Speed Pac is lightweight, at just (2.4 Ibs), yet has 500 cubic inches of storage space which is just perfect for all the things you need on a Sunday afternoon ride. In addition to a 70 ounce hydration bladder, the Speed Pac can carry a camera, CD player, gloves. wallet, spare visor, lunch, and more. The hard shell protects your valuables, andd protects your back from hard, sharp objects inside the Speed Pac.

The interior is lined with Velcro fabric allowing Velcro straps to hold cargo down tight in any position. A removable cloth mesh, zippered pocket in the lid is the perfect place to keep a PDA, CD's or tapes, wallet etc.

Speed Pac is molded with a perfectly beautiful faux carbon fiber finish with choice of four exciting accent colors to match your motorcycle and leathers: Nightfire red, Hornet Yellow, Platinum Grey, Midnight Blue

The beautifully designed Speed Pac has received the prestigious IDEA Bronze award from the industrial Designers Society of America, and has been placed in a museum for award winning products.


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Shook Designs

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- Soft foam pads lift Speed Pac off of back providing comfortable cooling airflow
- Rigid structure becomes a comfortable back support, instead of pulling down on shoulders like a fabric pack
  - Very light weight (2.4 Ibs)
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- Tough ABS plastic is same material as football helmets
- Rigid structure protects valuables
  - Protects user from sharp and heavy objects inside
  - Clear protective coating over beautiful faux carbon fiber finish with four accent colors
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- Lid opens wide for easy access
- Interior is lined with Velcro for flexible cargo management
  - Velcro cargo-straps secure valuables
  - Removable zippered lid pocket
  - Removable hole plug for hydration and entertainment systems
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- Protective water resistant shell
- Rubber gasket seal
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- Patented aero shape reduces drag for speed sports
  - Designed to promote airflow under Speed Pac to cool the users back
  - Reduces effort and improves mileage for bicycles and motorcycles
Bullet.gif (499 bytes) Colors :
Lime Green
Nightfire Red
Midnight Blue

Bullet.gif (499 bytes) Optional accessories available :
 o Magnetic Tankbag Attatchment
 o Map Pouch Accessory

special introductory price :
are subject to a 15% restocking fee, and shipping costs
(if applicable)
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